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The Chameleon Session CD (Exclusive)

CD £8.00

Release Date: 23/03/2018

Discs: 1

This session was recorded live in Chameleon Studios in Hamburg in October 2016, in front of a small audience consisting of mainly media, label partners and friends.

Half the audience sat in the studio and wore headphones.
The other half were in the control room.

The band played an acoustic set, followed by an electric one, with a short break in between to reset the equipment.
The session was completely live, with no overdubs allowed.

Very intimate, very unusual, very Thunder, and of course very good.


1. Black Water
2. Low Life In High Places
3. The Enemy Inside
4. Heartbreak Hurricane


5. Wonder Days
6. Backstreet Symphony
7. In Another Life
8. No One Gets Out Alive
9. Rip It Up